Cordwalles has specialised in boys only boarding since 1912. Over the years a great deal has changed and our boarders certainly live in far greater comfort today than they did then. In spite of the huge improvements made to the facilities over the years, certain key aspects have not changed. The Anthony Brown Boarding House continues to be run on a strong value based system. Respect, Responsibility, Integrity, Courage, Compassion, and of course Christianity are the values we hold dear.

Recreation facilities available to the boys include two TVs for viewing sport as well as a  pool table, table tennis, table soccer, air hockey, the Media Centre, IT Lab, tennis courts, swimming pool, sports fields, our forest, the Environmental classroom (for camping and outdoor fun) and conveniently, many friends to play with.

The boys enjoy a busy and balanced school day. A structured, supervised and uninterrupted hour of prep/homework is set aside each day. The boarders are well fed and receive breakfast, tea, lunch, afternoon snack, supper and then a light snack before lights out. Over the weekends the boys are taken on outings, involved in activities on the school grounds and sometimes (as often requested) allowed to enjoy a quiet and relaxing weekend.

Cordwalles Boarders are cared for by 8 male members of the academic staff, 2 sisters, 13 boarder masters and 4 lady interns. Out of these members of staff, 21 live on campus. The Boarding House is managed by Christiaan de Jager (House Master), Mrs Jo Lourens (Junior Boarding Pastoral Care) and Sue Warr (Sister).


All boarders are allowed out as often as they wish except for the first weekend of the year which is a closed weekend. We encourage parents of new boarders to refrain from coming to visit or phoning during the first two weeks so that the boys may have the best chance of settling down in their new environment. We appreciate that this is quite difficult, but we have learnt through experience that it makes it easier for the boys in the long term. The House Master will be in contact with the parents if there is a problem concerning their son.



Boarder parents are welcome to visit their sons whenever they happen to be passing through, provided that they do not take them out of class, away from a practice or sports match, or any other school activity and that they have followed the correct signing out procedure. It is also not in the boy’s best interest to be taken out of the House during the week. No boy may leave the school premises without permission by their legal guardian and permission from Mr Bailey. All weekend arrangements must be finalised on Thursday evening after the boys have phoned home. This is so that final arrangements for catering, outings and activities for the following weekend can be made.


The boys are required to wear ‘greys’ when travelling to and from school on public transport, the day before school starts, on the first day of half term and on the last day of school at the end of term.
Boys leaving the boarding house for a normal weekend are to:

Depart Friday: After school in khakis
Depart Saturday: After school commitments in full match kit or khakis
Return Sunday: 16h00 – 17h30 wearing khakis
Monday: 07h00 – 07h30 wearing khakis

Please note that no item of official school uniform may EVER be worn in conjunction with casual clothing.

Please remember to sign in and out – the sign out file will be in the Boarding House reception area.

When there is Saturday School, boarder parents may take their sons out on a Friday, provided they can return them on Saturday morning in time for school/ sport.

Start and End of terms:

All boys are expected to return to the boarding house no later than 17h00 the evening prior to the start of the new term. During the term, Boarders may return by 17h30 on Sunday or by 07h00 on Monday mornings. The Boarding House will be closed at 11h30 on the last day of every term. Please ensure  that your sons are both collected and dropped off at school timeously as this can add unnecessary stress to their lives, particularly at the beginning and the end of a term, when they are already feeling rather vulnerable.



Should parents or boarders prefer to make use of e-mail facilities for communication with each other, these are available.


Boys may bring a few of their favourite books back to the boarding house and we encourage each boy to have a Bible. A dedicated 15 minutes of quiet time before lights out, encourages our boys to read. Parents are requested to sign the books to signify their approval of this reading material. Boys are encouraged to use our library facilities. The Witness newspaper is also made available each day.


Additional Information