• Cordwalles is an Anglican Church School.
  • As such, Cordwalles seeks to ground all of its activities in faith and prayer. While we welcome and respect boys from other religious traditions or from no specific religious tradition, the Chapel plays a central role in the school and it is compulsory for ALL the boys to attend Assemblies, weekly Chapel services and any other Christian celebrations. Chapel services and School assemblies will include Christian scripture and prayer.
  • However, no boy will ever be asked to say or do anything that is against his personal religion or beliefs. Twice a term boys from grades 4-7 attend a service of Holy Communion as part of their spiritual development. Boys are instructed in the significance of Holy Communion. However, although all must attend the service receiving the Sacrament is entirely voluntary. No boy may receive the Sacrament without the specific permission of a parent.
  • Boys in the Boarding establishment will be helped and encouraged to end their day with prayer.
  • All teaching in all lessons will reflect Christian values and beliefs, though boys will be encouraged to understand and respect other beliefs in a way appropriate to their age.