Personal excellence and the development of all boys have always been a priority at Cordwalles. Boys are extended and allowed to exert their individualism throughout their School careers from Pre-primary to Grade 7.

Guided by experienced, enthusiastic teachers and support staff, our boys are encouraged to be confident, independent and creative problem solvers.

To achieve this our academic programme is relevant to the boys. Each child is encouraged to reach his maximum academic potential. The Pupil Support Programme is extensive and of great benefit to our Boys.

In addition to the traditional languages of English, Afrikaans and isiZulu our thrust in the Senior Primary Phase (Grade 4 to 7) is that of Integrated Studies, combining the Human and Social Sciences of Geography and History. We are thus able to concentrate on the skills required in these subjects rather than the pure content. The Natural Sciences of Physics, Chemistry and Biology, along with Mathematical Literacy remain the corner stone of our school. Specialist teachers are employed to develop pupils’ Entrepreneurial skills, Music and Speech and Drama. An extremely well structured and balanced academic programme is in place for the boys.

Our Media, Information Technology, Design Technology and Art centres, staffed by professional specialists in each field, are at the cutting edge of education.

A great deal of care is taken to ensure a healthy balance between Academic, Cultural and Sporting Activities.

Academic Support

This team consists of five professionally qualified specialists who work at Cordwalles every week. They are involved in case conferences and parent meetings at the school. Meet the team.

All boys have therapy in rooms specifically equipped to deal with their difficulties – exercise balls, computers and white boards are available. The majority of boys have individual help once or twice each week for 30 minutes. A few boys respond better working in a small group of 2 or 3 peers. The cost of this professional therapy is carried directly by the boys’ parents.


Boys can be referred for therapy by consultant psychologists, paediatricians, or other therapists. Generally the first line of referral for specialist therapy comes from the class teachers. If they are concerned about any boy’s progress, they discuss the problem with the appropriate therapist who gives advice on strategies which could be implemented in the classroom. If the teachers feel that the difficulty has not been resolved, the boy is then referred for a specialist assessment. After the necessary tests have been administered, the therapist diagnoses the results and makes appropriate recommendations to the parents and the class teacher. A decision is then reached about the boy’s future support. All therapists work closely with the boys’ teachers ensuring that their support is playing an appropriate part of the boy’s ongoing development.

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