Media & Technology

Hamilton Media Centre

The new Hamilton Media Centre was opened in September 2007 by Mr Robin Hamilton the generous
benefactor of this addition to Cordwalles.

Each boy in the school from Grade 1 to Grade 7 visits the Media Centre for one half hour lesson per week. During this time they are involved in a variety of relevant, interesting activities; from reading and research, to the discussion of local and international news topics.

The aim of the Media Centre is:
  • for the boys to develop a love of reading
  • to develop information retrieval skills
  • to assist boys in the sourcing of relevant and useful information for set tasks

Pupils are encouraged to become self-sufficient and independent in making full use of the library facilities.

Above all, we wish to promote a love of and culture of reading amongst our pupils.


We have two computer rooms available for teaching and research, and each classroom has a combination or exclusive use of desktop computers, classmates, iPads and interactive boards at Cordwalles.

We believe Technology is here to:

  • Support the vision of the school
  • Support the teacher with achieving the goals of the lesson
  • Make students excited about learning

Our focus is not on how technology can be pervasive in the classroom, but rather how it can be an invisible part of learning and the development of creative and critical thinking processes that make our school an exciting environment, encouraging effective learning at all levels.

We hope that Cordwalles boys come to understand this balance of technology use, with respect, purpose, culture, education and environment. The aim is to teach children how to use technology as a tool to accomplish a desired goal in any given subject. In all grades we work in tandem with the teachers using their class themes to design our lessons or projects.


As the Information Technology Department, we have specific skills and application software that we would like the students to master. While some of these are specific to IT such as coding, networks or hardware and software, the other applications are meant to be used for a variety of tasks. Meaningful lesson content and themes from the boys classroom and specialist lessons are integrated with IT, which thus allows for greater retention of both the skills and knowledge. The boys are encouraged to create content, combine multiple projects and share these with their peers and teachers using any of the technologies available to each pupil.

The one constant with technology is its constant evolution. We aim to keep abreast of current trends and implement them wisely to ensure that our teaching remains relevant to the 21st century child, and thus equipping them with the right attitude and skill sets to take on the challenges of the future generation.