Pre-Primary (Inky)

The “Inky” is our special term used for the boys in the Andrew Rattray Pre-Primary. In total there are 45 boys in the Inky, with a maximum of 18 boys per class in Grade RR and Grade R.

Derryn Odell is the HOD of the Pre-Primary and a Class teacher. She is joined by 3 other Pre-primary teachers namely Sarah Browne, Carol Ndlovu and Lee-Ann Holdsworth.

The Pre-Primary building which opened in January 2009 is designed with busy little boys in mind. The indoor areas are spacious and the creative room allows the opportunity for boys to experiment with different creative techniques, while using their imagination, vibrant colours and sensopathic experiences. Baking takes place every second week where the boys delight in measuring and stirring to produce ‘yummy goodies’ to eat.

Our extensive garden area provides the boys with space to run freely, play soccer and cricket, enjoy mini putt-putt and make use of the bike track, as well as developing their balancing and gross motor skills on the exciting jungle gym. The sandpit area is well-designed and allows for outdoor play even on a rainy day.

We believe that boys need to learn through play. The opportunities and activities provided by the well – qualified and experienced staff encourages them to discover, experiment and explore the world around them.

The boys are exposed to a wide variety of ‘rings’ by their teacher and the Grade R children visit the computer room weekly and have environmental lessons in our outdoor forest classroom every second week. All the boys also enjoy the expertise of a music specialist teacher, guidance lessons from our Headmaster and attend psychomotor lessons on a weekly basis facilitated by qualified staff.

Soccer skills and swimming happen in the appropriate terms and the boys love these active outdoor lessons. Puppet shows are put on for the boys by the staff every second week and are thoroughly enjoyed by the boys. Our visit to the Cordwalles Chapel every Wednesday is a highlight as the boys learn not only the relevant teachings of the Christian faith but also the history of the Chapel. Throughout the year the boys are fortunate to be taken, by their teachers in the Cordwalles school bus, on many rewarding outings to exciting destinations, namely the Botanical Gardens, the SPCA, the Fire Station, the Museum, the Pet Shop, the Nest Retirement Home and many more. We also invite visitors to our school to enhance learning during our different themes.

The Andrew Rattray Pre-Primary is also the home of After-Care (for Grade RR – Grade 3 boys only) where the boys are able to relax, play, do crafts and bake with a qualified teacher and her assistants.

The development of the whole child while learning through play is paramount. One of our objectives throughout the school is for children to learn respect: respect for themselves, their peers, the environment, and to God. This all begins in our happy, fun-filled Andrew Rattray Pre-Primary.


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