Cordwalles Application

You can apply for your son to become a Cordwalles Boy in 5 steps:

  1. Accept our Application Terms.
  2. Complete the Application Form.
  3. Pay the Application Fee.
  4. Interview with the Headmaster.
  5. Pupil Admissions Assessment.

Application Terms:

  • Complete the Application Form honestly, correctly and submit all required documents.
  • Pay the non-refundable Application Fee of R750.00 within 24 hours of submitting the Application Form.
  • The parents and pupil will be invited for an interview with the Headmaster.
  • The pupil will be required to do an assessment before a place is offered to him.

Click Here To Accept Our Application Terms & To Apply
Please note clicking this button will open in a new tab on the ADAM website.

Please note:

On confirmation of acceptance, enrolment documents are to be completed by the parents and returned together with the placement fee of R5 000 for Grade RR, R10 000 for Grade R to Grade 7 and R11 000 for boarders, except for parents residing outside South Africa, who pay R22 000. This placement (enrolment) fee will secure your son a place at Cordwalles and is non-refundable if paid and your son does not take up his place.  However, should your son, after entering Cordwalles request to leave, a term’s notice will be required and, upon request, the placement (enrolment) fee will be refunded after deduction of any outstanding disbursements.

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