Schedule of Fees for 2017

Tuition Incidentals & Chapel Total Annual Day Scholar Boarding Total Annual for Boarders Monthly for Day Scholars Monthly for Boarders
Grade RR R30 400 R3 270 R33 670 R3 340
Grade R R30 400 R3 270 R33 670 R3 340
Grade 1 R57 600 R3 270 R60 870 R6 100
Grade 2 R57 600 R3 270 R60 870 R6 100
Grade 3 R77 100 R3 270 R80 370 R8 040
Grade 4 R91 480 R3 270 R94 750 R62 120 R156 870 R9 475 R15 690
Grade 5 R91 480 R3 270 R94 750 R62 120 R156 870 R9 475 R15 690
Grade 6 R91 480 R3 270 R94 750 R62 120 R156 870 R9 475 R15 690
Grade 7 R93 200 R3 270 R96 470 R62 120 R158 590 R9 650 R15 860

Incidental Expenses

A charge of R800 for incidentals is levied every term to cover the following: stationery allowance, loan of text and exercise books, photocopying, visiting Playgroups, entertainment, routine medical attention, sport and cultural catering and transport requirements.

A levy of R70 is charged to assist with the upkeep of the chapel.

Additional Charges

Transport and other costs for special events, tours, etc. will be charged separately.

Lunch is provided at a cost of R1 075 per term or R30 per lunch. Should parents wish to provide their son’s with lunch, this charge is not applicable. Kindly notify the School accordingly.

An annual premium is charged for compulsory Accident Insurance. This is R775 (estimated) for Grade R and RR and R907 (estimated) for Grades 1 – 7.

A once off linen fee of R300 is charged to new boarders.

A boarding rate of R350 a day will be charged for pupils staying at school for short periods. A daily rate of R200 will be charged for boys who stay overnight for School functions such as play rehearsals.

A voluntary contribution of R460 per term is suggested per family, to assist with capital expenditure and special projects. The payment of this amount is treated as a donation to an educational establishment in terms of S18A of the Income Tax Act.

Payment of Fees

Sibling discounts are available: Second child – 5% on tuition only. Third child – 10% on tuition only.

If the 2017 annual Tuition fees are paid in full by 31st December 2016 a 5% discount is offered.

Via Debit Order
Fees are payable monthly over a 10-month period by debit order or alternatively may be paid quarterly IN ADVANCE by debit order. Failed debit orders carry a charge of R80.

All extra expenses will be charged on a monthly basis and are required to be paid on presentation of the account.

Any overdue amounts will be charged interest at the maximum prescribed rate in accordance with the National Credit Act 34 of 2005.

Settlement of Accounts

All accounts are to be settled by the end of October for any given year.
A full term’s notice, in writing, or one term’s fees in lieu thereof, is required before withdrawal of a pupil from School and/or the Boarding House.

Application Fee

In the case of new pupils a registration fee of R750, which is non-refundable, should accompany the Application form.

Placement (enrolment) Fee

On receipt of the application form, payment of R750, a copy of the pupil’s Birth Certificate and copy of his most recent school report, the parents and pupil will be invited for an interview with the Headmaster. The pupil will be required to do an assessment before a place is offered to him.

On confirmation of acceptance, enrolment documents are to be completed by the parents and returned together with the placement fee of R5 000 for Grade RR; R10 000 for day scholars (Grades R – 7) and R11 000 for boarders, except for parents residing outside South Africa, who pay R22 000. This placement (enrolment) fee will secure your son a place at Cordwalles and is non-refundable. However, should the pupil, after entering Cordwalles request to leave, a term’s notice will be required and, upon request, the placement (enrolment) fee will be refunded after deduction of any outstanding disbursements.

School Bank Account

Cordwalles Preparatory School
First National Bank
Liberty Midlands Mall
Branch Code: 25 73 55
Account: 50930839558
Swift Code: FIRNZAJJ

Supplementary Tuition

Fees are charged as per the teacher/coach concerned.

  • Music (flute, clarinet, drums, saxophone, piano, etc)
  • Sport (tennis, swimming, cricket, rugby)
  • Academic support (remediation, occupational therapy).


This is available at a cost of R925 per term or R55 per afternoon for Grade RR – Grade 2 learners. Grade 3 learners may attend aftercare at a cost of R460 per term. The Application Form is available from reception or Ruth Forder.


Cordwalles Schedule of Fees 2018 Letter from the Chairman – 2018 Fees Scholars Personal Accident Insurance Scholars Personal Accident Policy Wording


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