Drama Department

Despite providing relief from the confines of a formal classroom environment, and also giving the boys an opportunity to express themselves in a more physical way, Drama is not just a lesson where the boys get to ‘run wild’ and do what they want. It is a structured lesson which requires discipline and develops not only their performance skills, but their personal and social skills too. Drama is a vital subject in that it develops self-confidence and a multitude of other skills which are so important in today’s society.

As a lot of the classwork is done in groups, it encourages tolerance, acceptance, public speaking and management/negotiation skills, patience, the ability to think creatively and on-the-spot. These are but a few of the skills that are developed and that are needed throughout life in jobs that involve other people.

In the Drama lessons, various skills will be covered including mime, movement, improvisation, characterization, choral verse, verbal dynamics, costume and make-up design, public speaking skills etc.

Every boy in the school gets an opportunity to perform on stage at some point in the year:

  • Grades RR and R – Nativity Play
  • Grades 1-3 – Junior Primary Play (a musical)
  • Grades 4-7 – Grade Plays/Senior Grandparents’ Day
  • Grade 7 – Major Production (a musical)

‘Grade Plays/Senior Grandparents’ Day’ (which is presented in the evening for parents and during the day for grandparents) gives the boys an opportunity to perform the various skills that they learn in class, centred around a common theme. Each grade performs a different skill around a common theme – so that each year parents will see their sons do something different from the previous year. Grade 4 focuses on Choral Verse; Grade 5 on Dramatised Prose, Grade 6 on scenes in preparation for their ‘big’ play in Grade 7 and Grade 7 focuses on movement. The various items are interspersed with songs and musical numbers to add an extra sparkle. The Grade 6 boys also host the show by compeering throughout.

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