Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility to other communities in our area is a very important function for our boys. We need to make them aware of the plight of people less fortunate than ourselves and then provide opportunities for them to act. Our focus in this regard remains Ashdown School in Edendale. However, we have not made it exclusively so. Various Grades were tasked with finding something that the boys could do for a day during the course of the year. The idea is to get the boys to experience first hand and then to do something about it in a hands-on way.


As a member of the Anglican Board of Education, we are encouraged to reflect a generosity of spirit. One of the hallmarks of an Anglican School is a spirit of kindness, compassion and respect for all people. This expresses itself in a healthy relationship in the school as well as in the wider community. Concern for common good is shown through community service and the support of charity work and healthy relationships. Our focus in this regard remains Ashdown School in Edendale. However, we have not made it exclusively so. Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic the Grade initiatives were halted.

As a school:

  • Collection of Easter Eggs to various Charities
  • Cake and Candy funds raised, donated to Cerebral Palsy Association
  • Junior Primary Harvest and Autumn Day collection of non-perishables distributed to various charities.
  • Shoe initiative via DustBusters, R25 000 used to purchase shoes for children from Ashdown
  • Whiteboards were installed with funds form Mudman
  • Ashdown received a delivery of 1500kg of porridge via the Southern Lodestar Foundation and was used during lockdown to feed families of these learners, identified by Mr Gasa and facilitated by Gresham Wealth.
  • On 1st September 1800 “Spring Day Suckers”- were delivered with notes of encouragement to the learners.
  • Winter Warmth Drive – clothing delivered to Emuseni Old Age Home
  • Beanies and jerseys knitted by Cordwalles Community – donated to Singakwenza
  • Blankets delivered to NCVV
  • Children’s clothing delivered to Khazimulo Children’s Homes
  • Shoes Boxes of Love for Emuseni Old Age Home, NCVV Old Age Home and Emma Barter Old AgeHome
  • Spar and Bata Shoes Drive
  • Soul2Sole Shoe Collection
  • Poppies were worn on 11 November to acknowledge Armistice Day and a donation was given to the S.A. Legion of Military Veterans

Saturday Enrichment Programme

“And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who were called to His purpose.” (Romans 8:28)

Bambisanani :Working hand in hand to make a difference

This initiative began in the peak of the COVID 19 pandemic, when there were children of staff at Cordwalles who were not receiving contact lessons during lockdown. What began as a provision of educational resources, soon escalated to the provision of literacy and numeracy lessons on a Saturday morning. The need for something like this was highlighted by observing and being a part of the excellent online learning that our Cordwalles boys were privileged to receive.

This programme has been running since June 2020. We are pleased that Mr Veenstra, and the management team have made provisions and allowance for this to continue in 2021.

During this enrichment programme we aim to provide an opportunity for children to improve and consolidate key skills to build on in their schooling, appropriate to their age and school phases.

Our hope is that we can make a difference in some small way by sharing what we have and who we have to help support our wider Cordwalles community.

Ashdown Primary School:

  • Unfortunately visiting at Ashdown has had to stop due to Covid-19
  • Sunshine Seedlings donated seedlings to supplement the daily meal served at Ashdown
  • Received a delivery of 1500 kg of porridge via Southern Lodestar Foundation/Millhouse Group initiated by Gresham Wealth
  • Shoe initiative via DustBusters, R25 000 used to purchase shoes for children from Ashdown
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