Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility to other communities in our area is a very important function for our boys. We need to make them aware of the plight of people less fortunate than ourselves and then provide opportunities for them to act. Our focus in this regard remains Ashdown School in Edendale. However, we have not made it exclusively so. Various Grades were tasked with finding something that the boys could do for a day during the course of the year. The idea is to get the boys to experience first hand and then to do something about it in a hands-on way.


As a member of the Anglican Board of Education we are encouraged to reflect a generosity of spirit. One of the hallmarks of an Anglican School is a spirit of kindness, compassion and respect for all people. This expresses itself in a healthy relationship in the school as well as in the wider community. Concern for common good is shown through community service and the support of charity work and healthy relationships. Our focus in this regard remains Ashdown School in Edendale. However, we have not made it exclusively so. The various Grades have been tasked with finding something that the boys can do for a day during the course of the year. The idea is to get the boys to see the plight of others and then to do something about it in a ‘hands on’ way.

Grade projects were as follows:

Grade Activity
RR Visited the SPCA to donate dog food.
R Visited The Nest to build puzzles with the elderly.
Grade 1 Ashdown visited us and spent the day in outdoor classroom doing a scavenger hunt.
Grade 2 Ashdown visited and spent the day in the outdoor classroom playing Maths and English games.
Grade 3 Visited Ashdown and taught Ashdown children in an art activit, how to use a milk bottle to make a candle holder.
Grade 4 Visited Emuseni Old Age Home to sing and deliver socks and cupcakes.
Ashdown visited and participated in the Proudly South African day.
Visited Ashdown to introduce recycling and taught Ashdown boys an art activity using recycled paper pulp.
Grade 5 Raised R12 765 for the Roselands Trust Butterfly Project.
Grade 6 Donated food to the uMngeni SPCA.
Grade 7 Went to Thandi House, interacted with the children and donated food collected by the Grade 7s.
Alston Boys were coached cricket and they came and participated in Mini Cricket Festivals.
Music Department Performed at Woodgrove and John Peattie House.

As a school:

  • Collected Easter Eggs
  • Collection of an outfit to clothe a boy or a girl – Winter warmth
  • Eden Gardens (Jikka Joe), with Joel Ruttenberg held their monthly “Jammy Group” meeting at Cordwalles
  • Cake and Candy donations, centred around Tekkie Tax Day, Reach for a Dream
  • Polar Bear Challenge-donation to Cystic Fybrosis (Jonathan Prince an old boy is not too well at the moment)
  • Raised awareness of the Fulweni Coal Mine proposed for the border of the iMfolozi Game Reserve.
  • Raised R13 250 to buy a cheetah collar through Forever Wild, and R18 000 towards protecting the iMfolozi Game Reserve.
  • The whole school embarked on a Pink Drive. We collected Hygiene and Starter kits for children and teenagers at Greys Hospital Oncology Unit.
  • Pink Drive Swim-a-thon raised R 35 000
  • Pink Drive Cancer Tea raised R10 000
  • Paid R740 to MOTHS War Veterans for Remembrance Day

Ashdown Primary School:

We toured the school with interested parents and some board members, to meet teachers and view the school and gardens.

  • Kitchen renovation
    A parent, Kevin Hohls has along with Sam Hubble, driven this project which will come about this year.
  • Roof repair
    Hulamin has taken control of this project and it will be effected during the April school holidays. Thank you to another parent, Clayton Fisher for motivating this.
  • Gardener
    Thanks to a regular Gresham Wealth donation, Mrs Shezi is able to pay a gardener to maintain the school’s gardens. A very big thank you to Sunshine Seedlings for donations of seedlings, which enable the children to have a cooked meal a day.
  • Duncan Paul, the grandfather of one of our Grade 2 boys and owner of Boulder Creek Spur, has donated redundant Spur tables for use in the classrooms at Ashdown. He has also offered used Spur crockery and cutlery which, when it comes, will be put to use in the new kitchen.
  • Boardroom tables were donated by Kevin Hohls. These have been placed in the Ashdown staffroom, where they are well used and much appreciated.
  • Tony Wilson a Cordwalles parent (Jacobs Joinery) has offered to pay for the fittings / moving / replacement of the gas bottle for the kitchen, as well as the cage which will house it. He has also offered to donate some used book shelving and to repair the broken desks and chairs which are at present in the storeroom at Ashdown. Mr Allbon of The Built in Cupboard Centre also has units ready for the completed kitchen.
  • Teaching continues, a Wednesday group, Gr 5 & 6 with Mrs Smallie and on Thursday a group of Grade 3 & 4 with Mrs Colepeper. Their Numeracy and literacy skills and in particular their mastery of English is coming on steadily! There are many plans afoot for forging bonds and a mutual symbiotic relationship between our two schools, the staff and the pupils. We may continue to live in the world of privilege, but it is our duty to open our eyes to what goes on around us and to make a difference in some way.
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