Cordwalles provides an activity for every individual at the school and sport is an integral part of the Cordwalles experience.

Grades 1 and 2 are offered mini-cricket, mini-soccer, mini-hockey and swimming, with tennis and ball skills available to interested parties. The boys are instructed by at least eight male Student Masters (a ratio of 1:8).

Grades 3 – 7 are offered swimming, cricket, rugby, cross-country, athletics, tennis and hockey.


Every boy is placed in a team and all teams take part in regular and equitable fixtures. At present, Cordwalles has twenty male sports coaches who are either members of the academic staff or resident boarder masters. Coaches attend regular clinics (both internally and externally), are enthusiastic and well equipped to provide boys with an excellent grounding in all sports.

In addition to interschool fixtures, interhouse competitions are held in all disciplines, and the school team represents Cordwalles at Interprep meetings. All our teams are competent, well drilled and always give an excellent account of themselves against any opposition.

Sports Activities Per Term

  • Term One: Cricket, Swimming,Tennis
  • Term Two: Rugby, Cross-Country, Tennis
  • Term Three: Athletics, Hockey, Tennis
  • Term Four: Cricket, Swimming, Tennis



Dress Regulations

After sports practice, boys may go home in their sports kit or full tracksuit or change into their school uniform. (Khakis and sandals / grey socks and shoes).

When wearing the Cordwalles school uniform or sports clothing, no boys are allowed to walk around in public places barefoot.

After matches boys may go home in their match kit. After galas, boys are to put on their full school tracksuits and their footwear before departing.

Playing on the fields – Golf shirt and blue shorts
Tennis – Golf shirt, blue shorts, short white socks and takkies
Cricket  – Golf shirt, blue shorts, long white socks and white takkies

Supporting at matches – Full school uniform, or full tracksuit with takkies

N.B. No civvies are allowed in the afternoon during the week. After school, no mixing civvies with the Cordwalles uniform or sports clothing is allowed.