Service Certificates

These are for Service to Cordwalles beyond the call of duty.
Boarding House   Olwethu Kweyama

Xihluke Marule

Murray-John Pitt

Caleb Bryden



Senior Choir Kelby Blunt, Olwethu Kweyama and Xihluke Marhule


Chess Ian Hemmingway

Matthew Sara

Xihluke Marhule

Tom Cullis

Declan Sawyer

Service as a Theatre


Kelby Blunt

Clayton ​Camphor

Ian Hemmingway

Mohamed Kajee

Mahomed Haseeb Moosa

Liam Findlay

Joel Kempthorne

Dylan Peddie


Chapel Clerks

Oliver Bekker, Liam Bekker, Tomas Szudrawski, James Egbrink, Luis Navarro-Avila, William Ellis, Murray-John Pitt, Cameron Hankinson, Matthew Gray, Thomas Cullis


General Certificates

These are for boys who have shown personal growth and achievement throughout the year.


Grade 4C Charles Fawcett Perseverance at all Times
  Olwethu Radebe Personal Growth and Outstanding Work Presentation
  Alwande Mazibuko Outstanding Work Ethic
  Ntando Nyabonda Diligence and Enthusiasm in the Classroom
  Jordan Fryer Dudley Continued Determination and Selflessness
Grade 4D Jéan Combrink Outstanding Work ethic and Perseverance
  Lwandle Gabuza Continued all-round effort and determination
  Kerwyn Maistry His quiet determination and enthusiasm in all subjects
  Qiniso Ngubane Improved diligence and a good attitude to his work.
  Nathan Koller Enthusiasm and Interest in both academic and Sporting Activities
Grade 4K Langelihle Dlamini Progress & Enthusiasm  in Reading
  Merlin Brown Excellence in Mathematics
  Oliver Gray All-round Progress and Determination
  Ethan Clark All-round Progress and Determination
  Joshua Easthorpe Outstanding Achievement in Creative Writing
Grade 5B Joaquim Abreu


consistent determination and all-round effort.


  Andrew Boettiger perseverance and personal growth


  Riley Gehren hard work and determination
  Joel Kempthorne


perseverance in adversity
  Sebastien le Roux  all-round excellence and outstanding work ethic


Grade 5N    
  Tristian Grant Perseverance and Outstanding Work Ethic.
  Cuan Conway Commitment and Determination.
  Benjamin Bryden Focus and Diligence Throughout the Year.
  West Mitchell-Innes Personal Growth and Endeavour.
  Jarred Wilson Perseverance and Enthusiasm.
Grade 5V Brackyn Middleton Continued All-Round Effort and Determination
  Siyamkela Maphumulo Diligence and Personal Growth
  Sebastian Hofmeyr Consistent Effort and Determination
  Jack Martin




Perseverance and Personal Growth



  Thivaar Mudaliar Excellence in Mathematics
Grade 6K Matt Mason


All round effort and determination
  Adam Cole


All round effort and determination
  Liam Findlay


Excellence in Mathematics, the sciences & a High Standard of Work
  Jack Williamson


All round effort and determination.
  Kyle Walker Excellence in Mathematics and Social Sciences and a Consistent High Standard of Work.


Grade 6R Johnathan Baber


Outstanding diligence and determination in academics


  Benjamin Guimaraens Consistent effort and application in all subjects
  Mohamed Kajee Diligent application to academic endeavour


  Fortune Mpofu Discipline and focus in pursuit of academic excellence


  Theodore Pavlov Consistently good work in all subjects
Grade 6T Thomas Griffin Excellence in Mathematics and Social Science and a Consistent High Standard of Work
  Evan Kurz Consistent Good Effort in all Subjects throughout the year
  Martin Lazarov Excellence in Mathematics and Social Science and a Consistent High Standard of Work
  Dylan Peddie Personal Growth and Perseverance
  Oliver Armstrong Diligence and Upholding the values of Cordwalles
Grade 7C Jarryd Pike


Outstanding all-round contribution to Cordwalles
  Scott Winskill All-round contribution to Cordwalles



  Connor Leisegang. Diligence and enthusiasm in the classroom and passion for the environment


  Connor Walker


Improved Diligence and a good attitude to his work.


  Leo Baber Discipline and focus in pursuit of academic excellence
  Alex Barnard Outstanding achievement in the Afrikaans examination and all-round diligence
  Dylan Kriel.


personal growth and perseverance and a true reflection of a cordwalles gentleman

Henry Fawcett



Quiet determination and perseverance
Grade 7D Jordan Anastasis Perseverance and determination and a true reflection of a cordwalles gentleman
  Ishan Bhoola Diligent application all-round academic endeavour
  Gareth Luxford Personal growth and Progress in Afrikaans
  Nzuzo Ngubane


Personal Growth and determination to succedd
  Tristan Reeves Perseverance and a love of nature


  Phetha Sibisi


All –round Enthusiasm and excellence in isiZulu
  Charlie Foster


Personal Growth and conscientious endeavour
  Jeremy Foss All-round contribution and leadership on the sports field
  Luc d’Offay All round contribution and compassion in Cordies Families
  Nicholas Burzack Personal Growth and conscientious endeavour
  Joshua Hadley-Grave Diligence, enthusiasm and interest in Social Science
Grade 7M Adam Cameron Outstanding personal growth and excellence in academics and music
  Dagan de Witt Outstanding personal growth and Excellence in Social Sciences
  Jason Fell


Consistent high standard of work
  Mvelo Guma Diligence and determination in the face of adversity
  Nicholas Hirschowitz


Overall Improvement in academics and a cheerful friend to all
  Thomas Koller Outstanding manners and overall service to Cordwalles
  Tom Mackenzie Diligence and improvement in Mathematics and a true reflection of a cordwalles gentleman
  Kamohelo Rathepe Excellence and enthusiasm in Sport


Library Certificates-Awarded to the boy who has read most consistently during the year.
4C Nathan Dickason  
4D Matthew Martin  
4K Andre Boshoff  
5B Oscar Steiner  
5N Jared Wilson  
5V Callum Henderson  
6K James Gilson  
6R Christopher Adam  
6T Sikuwe Msibi and Evan Kurz  
7D Matthew Sara  
7C Shayur Maharaj  
7M Xihluke Marhule  
Certificate in Recognition of Personal excellence For a boy who has increased his academic aggregate by 5% or more from June – November 2015 or year on year (excluding exams)
Grade 4C Luke Campbell
Grade 4D Jéan Combrink, Matthew Martin
Grade 4K Yahya Hansrod
Grade 5V Jack Martin & Siyamkela Maphumulo
Grade 5N Akhona Mchunu
Grade 5B Andrew Boettiger &

Etienne Smith

Grade 6K  

Huntley Price Moor

Ross Mackenzie


Grade 6R Matthew Louw

Pikolomzi Nkompela


Grade 6T Thomas Mitchell
Grade 7C Clement Chuuya


Grade 7D Cameron Hankinson


Grade 7M Matthew Chapman


Merit Certificate 80% in Cycle 2 (June – November)

6R  Nkosiyethu Shozi
7D Kamesh Padayachi



Swimming Certificates:   For Open ‘A’ Team Swimming

Caleb Bryden

Matthew Gray

Thomas Koller

Declan Sawyer

Jarryd Pike

Byron Mitchell-Innes

Luke d’Offay



Cricket Certificates for playing five or more matches for the 1st XI

Kyle Walker 8 Caps

Thomas Koller 11 Caps

Scott Winskill 12 Caps

Murray-John Pitt 13 Caps

Matthew Gray 14 Caps

Kamohelo Rathepe 14 Caps

James Campbell 14 Caps

Byron Mitchell-Innes 14 Caps

Jeremy Foss 18 Caps

Olwethu Kweyama 20 Caps

Luc Benkenstein 27 Caps

Jarryd Pike 29 Caps

The Bill Dixon-Smith Award


Most improved open Cricket player

We call on Luke Reynolds to come up and hand over the Bill Dixon Smith award for the most improved cricketer of the year.

Bill Dixon Smith was a Cordwalles and Michaelhouse old boy. He is also the grandfather of Luke Reynolds. Luke is the 4th generation of Reynolds to attend Cordwalles and the 2nd generation on the Dixon Smith side of the family.

Bill Dixon Smith Played for the Michaelhouse 1st cricket and rugby teams in grade 10, 11 and 12,

He was head of Founders House and he received honours for both rugby and cricket.

In addition to his sporting ability Bill was also Head Chorister at Michaelhouse and took lead roles in many plays.

The winner of the Bill Dixon Smith award for 2017 is Murray John Pitt




Murray-John  Pitt
McCathie Cup Most improved open hockey player


Oliver Bekker
The Gove Trophy The most improved open rugby player of the year


Clement Chuuya










The Junior Art Prize: Ayabonga Shivane
The Junior DT Prize:      West Mitchell-Innes                                 
The Guitar Trophy:     Declan Sawyer



INTERHOUSE TROPHIES Would the captains of the winning team please come up to receive the trophy.
Chess Tathams


The Ashley Clive Smith cricket cup for Juniors Baines


The Wakeley Smith cricket cup for seniors Butchers

House Work Trophy

For academics goes to the house which achieves the most points when the final promotion marks are presented and the top 12 places are awarded points 4th Baines
3rd Tathams
2nd Butchers
1st Jacksons

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