2019 Final Assembly Awards

Service Certificates

These are for Service to Cordwalles beyond the call of duty.

Boarding House

Luc Schravesande

Benjamin Bryden

Sebastian Hofmeyr

Siyamkela Maphumulo

Akhona Mchunu

Jasper Bruno

Senior Choir-Leadership Certificates

Siyamkela Maphumulo

Luke Spear

Sebastian Hofmeyr

Djembe Group Certificates – leadership award

Atuswe Nyoka

Pikolomzi Nkompela

Violin Ensemble Service & Leadership Award

Ewan du Plooy


Violin Ensemble Service award

Harshad Pillay

Johnathan Baber

Service as a Pianist to the Chapel and Choir

Harshad Pillay

Service and leadership in the saxophone ensemble

Jarred Maltby


Johnothan Baber

Callum Henderson

Robbie Cullis

Jonathan Killick

Connor Sawyer

Mahomed Haseeb Moosa

Thivaar Mudaliar

Service to sound, lighting and IT


Mahomed Haseeb Moosa

Joel Kempthorne

Robbie Cullis

Thalente Mbhele

Tahil Nankan

Merlin Brown

Sebastien le Roux

Ethan Maltby

Chapel Clerks

Joaquim Abreu

Benjamin Bryden

Callum Henderson

Sebastian Hofmeyr

Sebastien le Roux

Brackyn Middleton

West Mitchell-Innes

Atuswe Nyoka

Matthew Solms

General Certificates

These are for boys who have shown personal growth and achievement throughout the year.


Grade 4D

Heath Bullock Quiet determination and consistent good work
Xolo Dlungwana Continued perseverance in the classroom and respectful behaviour
Daniel Marshall Consistent work ethic and quiet determination
Josh Nicholson Enthusiasm and positive attitude
Thomas Leathern Continued all-round effort and progress and perseverance in Mathematics

Grade 4G

William Thompson Determination and perseverance in academics
Sbongaokuhle Mnculwane Determination and perseverance in Mathematics
Ziya Jasat Conscientious and respectful attitude throughout the year
  James Ware Consistent academic endeavour
  Cameron Hohls displaying determination and grit through the year

Grade 5E

Jamie Wessels Perseverance and diligent application
  Vuyisa Mqokiyana Consistent effort and hard work
  Guy Fender Improved diligence and perseverance in academics
  Murray McHugh Positive attitude and enthusiasm in all areas
  Nathan Daniel Pleasing effort throughout the year

Grade 5N

Shamsher Essop Enthusiasm and a Positive Attitude
Hayden Holt Consistent effort and determination
Syun Maharaj Personal growth and Endeavour
Ethan Maltby Commitment and determination
Oliver Vickery Perseverance and enthusiasm

Grade 5V

Jaemin Seong


Excellence in Mathematics
Andiswa Thwala


Continued all-round effort and determination
Sbonakele Khoza


diligence and personal growth
Tariq Sewsunker


Perseverance and personal growth
David Colenbrander Consistent effort and determination

Grade 6CO

Franko Bocking


Determined effort, consistency and good academic progress
Matthew Blair Diligence, commitment and good academic progress
Ethan Clark Determined effort, consistency and good academic progress
Marc Isabelle Determined effort, consistent application and good academic progress
Thomas Mason Tenacious endeavour and consistent application

Grade 6PL



Langelihle Dlamini Outstanding all-round enthusiasm in academics.
Alex Ardé determined effort, consistency and all-round academic progress
Tumi Motsepe all-round positivity, all-round involvement and an excellent academic record
Tristan Atkinson commitment to developing personal academic excellence
Harry Vickery Improvement and excellence in Mathematics

Grade 6RR

Radhesh Jhilmeet:


Consistent pursuit of excellence in all areas
William Leathern:


Excellence in Natural Science and Social Science
Kerwyn Maistry:


Diligence and determination in Academics
Luke Mitchell:


Persistent effort and hard work in all areas
Oagile Dingake:


Discipline and determination in Academics

Grade 7C

Andrew Boettiger  Self-motivated and enthusiastic all-round contribution to Cordwalles
  Lwazi Dlamini all-round positivity and involvement at school
  Kyle Cameron Personal growth, excellent manners and consistent good behaviour
  Kayden Naidoo Determination and endeavour in Afrikaans and Social Science
  James Reeve Determination and endeavour in Social Science
  Luwanda Xengxe Personal growth involvement in all areas
  Lubanzi Zulu all-round positivity and enthusiasm in all areas

Grade 7D

Brendon Barnard


Personal growth and academic progress throughout the year
James Fender Excellence, curiosity and endeavour in academics
Riley Gehren Strong leadership qualities and progress in Social Science
Thalente Mbhele Compassion, all-round improvement and excellent personal growth
Oscar Steiner Outstanding all-round contribution to Cordwalles

Grade 7N

Joshua Aurets Personal growth and academic improvement
Sebastien Gaboreau Diligence and personal growth
Sithenkosi Nkompela Exemplary role mode and displaying excellent leadership attributes
Kingsley Thompson Positive attitude and all-round contribution to Cordwalles
Tristian Grant Exemplary role model and excellent all-round contribution to Cordwalles
Jared Wilson Personal growth and endeavour
Bayanda Mbelu Progress and diligence in Social Science
Library Certificates-Awarded to the boy who has read most consistently during the year.
4D Sbonokuhle Sithebe
4G Connor Maitland
5C Nicholas Adam
5N Syun Maharaj
5V Riley Graves

Jaemin Seong

6CO Robbie Cullis

Thomas Charlton

6PL André Boshoff
6RR Merlin Brown
7C Sebastien le Roux

Luke Spear

7D Langalibalele Mthimkhulu


7N Neil Bararugurika

General Knowledge Certificates

Grade 4 : Luke Treleaven


Grade 5 : Arav Lalloo
Grade 6: Robbie Cullis


Certificate in Recognition of Personal excellence For a boy who has increased his academic aggregate by 5% or more from June – November 2019 or year on year (excluding exams)
Grade 4 James Longmore

Muhammad Nasser

Rex Wardlaw

Grade 5 Banele Phoswa

David Colenbrander

Sbonakele Khoza

Tanen Soar


Grade 6 Charles Fawcett

Adam Zammit

Bakuena Lekitla

Grade 7 Pikolomzi Nkompela

Luc Scharavesande

Gareth Egberink

Jasper Bruno

James Fender

Ivan Jjuuko

Tristian Grant


Merit Certificate 80% in Cycle 2 (June – November)

7D Gareth Egberink
7N Ivan Jjuuko


Senior Choir Certificates

12 terms;

Jarred Maltby

Benjamin Bryden

Akhona Mchunu

Tristian Grant

Thalente Mbhele

Ivan Jjuuko

Siyamkela Maphumulo

Luke Spear

Langalibalele Mthimkhulu

Connor Sawyer

Brackyn Middleton

Kuhle Phungula

Sebastian Hofmeyr

Joaquim Abreu

Lubanzi Zulu

Ayabonga Shivane

Kyle Cameron

Long service and loyalty in the senior choir – 11 terms

Joel Kempthorne

Sebastien le Roux

Mahomed Haseeb Moosa

Callum Henderson

Long service and loyalty in the senior choir – 10 terms

Atuswe Nyoka

Lwazi Dlamini

Daniel Peckham

Long service and loyalty in the senior choir – 9 terms

Neil Bararugurika

Bayanda Mbelu

Long service and loyalty in the senior choir – 8 terms

Luc Schravesande

Thivaar Mudaliar – check this

Pikolomzi Nkompela

Kayden Naidoo

Harshad Pillay

Swimming Certificates:   For Open ‘A’ Team Swimming

Joaquim Abreu

Benjamin Brydon

Ewan Du Plooy

Sebastian Hofmeyr

Kingsley Thompson

Cricket Certificates for playing five or more matches for the 1st XI

 Matthew Solms – 16 Caps

Sebastian Hofmeyr – 29 Caps

West Mitchell-Innes – 29 Caps

Ivan Jjuuko – 29 Caps

Kingsley Thompson – 9 Caps

Ethan Muir – 16 Caps

Luke Campbell – 16 Caps

Sebastien Gaboreau – 16 Caps

Harry Jarvie – 16 Caps

Radhesh Jhilmeet – 16 Caps

James Reeve – 16 Caps

Jarryd Maltby – 5 Caps

Cricket Balls and Bats  

Lubanzi. Zulu 71* vs Merchiston 4th XI

Jamie Wessels 72* vs Merchiston U11D

James Ware 52 N/O vs Highbury U10B

Jared Maltby 67 vs Highbury 2nd XI

William Leathern 51 N/O vs St Charles 7th XI

Benjamin Bryden 50* vs Pelham 4th XI

Bryce Johnson 55* vs Cowan House 1st XI, Bryce Johnson 61 vs St Charles 2nd XI

Bryce  Johnson 5/15 vs Pelham 2nd XI

Bradley Cook 56 vs Pelham U11A

Luke Mitchell 4/7 inc. a Hatrick

Joshua Greaves 6/2 vs Ridge U9A

Sachin Ramraj 53 N/O vs St Charles U9A

Sebastien Hofmeyr 55 vs Merchiston 1st XI

Sebastien Hofmeyr 100 N/O vs CNR 1st XI

The Bill Dixon-Smith Trophy


Most improved open Cricket player


Harry Jarvie

McCathie Cup

Most improved open hockey player


Pikolomzi Nkompela

The Gove Trophy

The most improved open rugby player of the year


Benjamin Bryden

The Mardall Shooting Cup

The Best Shottest James Reeve

Junior doubles champion


Arjun Wadhwani

Luke Treleaven



The Junior Art Prize: Langelihle Myeza
The Junior DT Prize:  Tristan Durow                   
The Junior Chess Champion: Dane Harrison
The Guitar Trophy: Ivan Jjuuko


Chess Tie 3rd Butchers/Jacksons

2nd Baines

1st Tathams


Inter-house shooting 4th Tathams

3rd Baines

2nd Jacksons

1st Butchers



The Ashley Clive Smith cricket cup for Juniors 4 Butchers

3 Baines

2 Tathams

1 Jacksons


The Wakeley Smith cricket cup for seniors 4 Bu

3 Ja

2 Ta

1 Ba

Music Exam Results

Trinity College

Jonathan Killick – Trinity College drum kit – grade 1 pass with distinction

Christopher Gilson – Trinity College singing – grade 3 pass with merit

Jarred Maltby – Trinity College saxophone – grade 4 pass with merit

Trinity College Rock and Pop

Milan Govender – Trinity College Rock and Pop drum kit – grade 1 pass

Ziya Jasat – Trinity College Rock and Pop drum kit – grade 1 pass with merit

Thomas Charlton – Trinity College drum kit – grade 2 pass

Mahomed Haseeb Moosa – Trinity College vocals – grade 2 pass

Joel Kempthorne – Trinity College vocals – grade 2 pass with merit

Callum Henderson – Trinity College vocals – grade 2 pass with merit

ABRSM (Associated board of the Royal schools of music)

Johnathan Baber – ABRSM violin – grade 1 pass with merit

Ewan du Plooy – ABRSM violin – grade 2 pass

Rory Treleaven – ABRSM piano – grade 1 pass

Ethan Maltby – ABRSM piano – grade 1 pass

Harshad Pillay – ABRSM violin – grade 3 pass with merit

Harshad Pillay – ABRSM piano – grade 4 pass

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