T-shirt Design Competition

The Cordwalles Art department recently ran a T-Shirt designing competition to create awareness of the Fuleni Coal mine, which is to be built outside the gates of the iMfolozi Game Reserve. Congratulations to the following boys on their beautiful and very creative T-Shirt designs. As part of their prize the boys will be spending the night at the iMfolozi Game Reserve on the 25th of September.

Mfundo Zondi, Tahil Nankan, Jean Combrink, Jordan Fryer-Dudley, Ivan Jjuuko, Daniel Peckham, Mark Brombacher, Michael Sara, MJ van Selma, Declan Sawyer, Matthew Gray, Murray John Pitt, James Lalor, Chae van den Berg, Jack Edmonds, Matt Veenstra, Hilton Royden Turner

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