Speech Day & Prize Giving 2021


THIS IS FOR A BOY WHO HAS ACHIEVED  Academic Merit (80% and above)

In Grade 4D
 Second in Class with Academic MeritCharles Zammit


  FIRST in Class with Academic MeritVeer Bhagwan



In Grade 4G
 Second in ClassBryce Longmore


  FIRST in Class with Academic MeritNicholas Ware


 In Grade 5B  
 Second in Class with Academic MeritConnor McMurray


 FIRST in Class with Academic MeritTasheel Kassen


 In Grade 5E  
 Second in Class With Academic MeritJoshua Greaves


 FIRST in Class with Academic Merit Judah Steyn



In Grade 6 OVERALL

Academic Merit and Academic TieThomas Browse


Academic Merit and Academic TieDylan Leppan


Academic Merit and Academic TieLuneziwe Mshengu


Academic Merit and Academic TieNicandro Padayachee


Academic Merit & Academic TieKaidan Pillay


Academic Merit and Academic Tie


Nathan Simons
Academic Merit and Academic Tie


Arjun Wadhwani
Tied Second in Grade with Academic Merit & Academic TieCraig  McKenzie

Imran Mahomed


FIRST in Grade with Academic Merit & Academic TieWilliam Wadman


In Grade 7 
Academic Merit and Academic Tie Re-AwardBradley Cook


Academic Merit and Academic Tie Re-AwardDane Harrison


Academic Merit and Academic Tie Re-AwardArav Lalloo


Academic Merit and Academic Tie Re-AwardMatthew Longmore


Academic Merit and Academic Tie Re-AwardJaemin Seong


 Grade 7 Subject prizes 
The English prize goes to Matthew Longmore


The Afrikaans prize goes to Matthew Longmore


isiZulu goes to Banele Phoswa 
The Natural Science goes to  Dane Harrison


Mathematics prize goes to Jaemin Seong


The Social Science prize goes to 


Matthew Longmore 
The Crookes TrophyIs for the pupil who has achieved the highest combined aggregate for Social Science and Natural Science.Dane Harrison


The Raciborski Information Technology Trophy


This Trophy is for a boy who shows interest, commitment and dedication in and to computer science.Arav Lalloo


Coding and RoboticsFor a boys who shows interest, commitment and dedication in and to coding and roboticsJohn Gilson 
Smith Family Trophy for Speech and DramaFor consistently high standard and contribution in drama lessons is shared betweenJack Benkenstein 
Director’s Cup The van Velden TrophyThis year, the trophy is awarded to a boy who showed enormous commitment to the school play and who led by example.Phupho Mpengesi 
Best Actor’s CupFor his versatility and natural stage presenceMholi Khuzwayo 
Art Prizefor a senior boy who shows a flair, talent and love for the subjectMurray McHugh 
Design Technology PrizeFor a boy who displays an aptitude and love for the subjectMurray McHugh 
General Knowledge PrizeAwarded to the Grade 7 who has outstanding General KnowledgeArav Lalloo 
Young Reader of the Year 2021presented to a boy whose reading range is both Diverse and Discerning


Banele Phoswa 


The Chess Player of the Year:                                                Mitchell Bekker
Hallot TrophyFor determination and dedication to music.David Colenbrander
Brent Black TrophyFor excellence in music. This trophy is awarded to a pupil who has a natural talent and works hard to achieve a standard of excellence.Simon Reeve
The Fred Palmer Cricket BatThe open Cricket Player of the year isJack Benkenstein
Tennis  Champion Jack Benkenstein
The Redfern TrophyThe open Hockey Player of the YearEthan Maltby
The Rugby TrophyThe open Rugby Player of the yearGuy Fender
Housework TrophyTop 10 boys in Grades 4 to 7 are ranked and earn points for their house4th  –  Jacksons

3rd  –  Tathams

2nd  – Baines

1st   –  Butchers


The Cock House


Goes to the champion sports house



4th – Tathams

3rd – Baines

2nd – Butchers

1st – Jacksons

Tatham Memorial EssayGoes to a boy in Grade 7 who, in the opinion of the staff and external examiners, has written the best set essay in English.  Arav Lalloo
Twin Streams Earth Care Prize

Donated by Ian and Jean Garland

The Recipient must display a love for nature, and understanding of the environment and show an active appreciation for the innate value of our natural heritage. This year the prize is shared betweenJoe Zunckel

Jamie Wessels

Cordwalles Boarding House Trophy

The Gayle Bastard Prize

For Boarder of the Year.  This is awarded to a pupil who shows empathy, guidance and reliability within the Boarding House at all times.Phupho Mpengesi


Dr Maurice Peters Memorial trophy for sportsmanshipIs awarded to a boy who displays humility in victory and graciousness in defeat. Who at all times up-holds the ethos of manners, competitiveness and team spirit in a balanced fashion to the betterment of sport above himself.Reece Cole


All Round Sportsman of the year trophy.

The Liebie van Heerden Trophy

The all round sportsman of the year trophy this year is shared between two supremely talented sportsmanJack Benkenstein

Reece Cole

The Whitelaw TrophyThe recipient of this award has been committed and achieved worthy praise for his huge contribution on the sports field, academically, culturally and spiritually.Matthew Longmore
The Whittle Trophy

Courage, tenacity & perseverance

To a boy this year for his perseverance in adversity and continuous application, diligence and tenacity with a will to achieve.Shamshér Essop


Sally Cornish Trophy


The recipient of this award is respected for his gentle, unobtrusive care and kindness to allPhupho Mpengesi
The Reed Trophy


This boy has a deep sense of integrity and he is true to himself at all times.  He stands up for what is right and is balanced and principled.Riley Graves


The Biggs Family Trophy

Service to the School

The recipients this year have worked hard behind the scenes and has given themselves selflessly and always in good humor  to the betterment of the school and in support of their peers in very differing areas of Cordwalles lifeTahil Nankin

Banele Phoswa


The De’ann Brooks Trophy for Tribute to Cordwalles

For respect for God, others, the environment & himself.

(manners & thinking of others)

The trophy this year has been awarded to an outstanding gentleman who has a deep respect for all people, amazing empathy and intuition and is sensitive and caring to those around him.

This year the award goes to


Bradley Cook


We now come to the final academic awards which culminates in the

Dux of the School.

Third in Grade 7 Arav Lalloo


Second in Grade 7 Dane Harrison


Dux of SchoolThis is a grade 7 pupil who has attained the highest aggregate over the whole year. He is a young man with a will to succeed The 2021 Dux with an aggregate of 87, 9% is:Matthew Longmore


Headmaster’s Award


The boy who receives this award has made an outstanding contribution in all spheres of school life.  He sets a fine example by always giving of his best in all he does.  He has been an excellent ambassador and he has shown a willingness to stand by the values of the school. The 2021 Headmaster’s Award for his enormous contribution to Cordwalles goes toMholi Khuzwayo
John Fowler Good Fellowship AwardThis goes to a boy who in the opinion of the school, is a young man who shows sincerity, compassion caring and loyalty to his fellow pupils.  This award is voted on by the Grade 4 – 7 boys and the staff. He is someone who raised the spirits of those around him.  A boy one would be proud to introduce to your parents and friends as a role model.Mholi Khuzwayo

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