Laura-Jane Colepeper

Head of Department: Junior Primary and Grade 3

Laura-Jane was born in Estcourt, KZN. She attended Estcourt Junior School and thereafter Sandringham High School in Johannesburg. Laura-Jane studied teaching at the Natal Teachers Training College in Pietermaritzburg. She is married to Bruce Colepeper and they have 2 children, a son Robert who is 34 and married to Robynne as well as a daughter, Beth who is 18.

Laura-Jane’s passion is teaching and creating learning environments and opportunities. She loves the relationships which develop with pupils and their families, in and out of the classroom over the years of class teaching. She also values the opportunity to interact and build relationships with teachers and learners in less privileged schools.  She is very grateful that she loves her profession but is always striving to balance this with home, family and personal interests, which include the outdoors, nature, wildlife, travel, reading, crafts, art, poetry, music and literature. Laura-Jane is inspired by schools the world over, other teachers, children, her friends, books, travel, art, music and the fresh, creative opportunities presented by each new day.


Staff Information
  • +27 (0) 33 342 8548
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