Yasean Khan

Head of IT

Yasean Khan was born and bred in Pietermaritzburg. He lives with his darling wife Deborah and their two beautiful daughters, Cherise and Tamlyn, and his mom in-law Rosey who is like a mother to him. He studied at the University of Natal and holds an Honours Degree in Information Technology.

Yasean worked at UKZN for 15 years as a Senior Systems Consultant, before he took a position as the IT Manager for Mancosa. He has over 25 years of experience in both working with computers in a technical capacity as well as lecturing various computer courses. He has given presentations at many public forums in Higher Education and has a passion for enabling education through the use of ICT. He has a passion for technology and how it can be applied. He is a huge supporter of cloud computing and collaboration technologies. He loves to play with open source software, robotics, coding and other networking systems and will be passing this knowledge on to the Cordies Boys. Coding on http://www.code.org is a great way to teach Children how to program! The boys also love coding and playing with Sphero  – https://www.sphero.com. We will also be exposing the boys to electronics and coding with Arduino – https://www.arduino.cc

Yasean wishes to encourage his students to be critical thinkers, ‘solutionaries’ and ‘imagineers’ and apply their knowledge in a way that betters the world. Success after all could just be the next try away! As Thomas Edison said “I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

Staff Information
  • +27 (0) 33 342 8548
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